Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Neodigital Art

There have been many different schools of Art, this is the one for the 21st century. It is different and it’s open to everyone with a digital camera and a computer. 

pleck Neodigital

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The school of Neodigital Art is like any other school of art. Impressionism had lots of artists involved; those that became famous were well connected and had good connections and publicised their art. They also stuck to certain rules. This is another of my pictures:



It is a simple picture I took on the way home and using very basic and cheap software changed the colours, nothing great. But you have to have an eye for colour and some taste. Maybe even an artistic streak? I hope the pictures will go on exhibition as quality print outs. But they look good online. For information on what I’m doing now visit this page: here.

Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso were impressionist painters, but they were later replaced by the post impressionists who had a different style of art. The art of Cezanne was more structured and colourful. Then later came Neo-impressionism, that tried to take the style a step further. now in the 21st century we have lots of art including digital art and this is just one simple style using bolder colours and digital images.

Using a photograph taken with a digital camera this turn is made more colourful and the colours brought out with computer software to simply make it more aesthetic.

Neodigital St James


This school of 21st century art is open to everyone with access to a digital camera and a computer and most people can manage that. The finished work can be uploaded onto the internet and shared with the world or printed out to grace your home or even the local art gallery.

Why not try it for yourself and join this school of modern art. You can find my website here and my email address is on every page; send me a picture and I’ll be happy to give you an opinion or start a blog and link it to this one?